Scholarship Info

Scholarship Info

Fly Now!

Because this program supplies 50% of flight training costs (50% of up to 50 hours), and the intent is to award it to candidates who will have a lifelong commitment to the aviation community, it is not as simple as completing and submitting an application form.

The successful candidate will need to demonstrate enthusiasm for aviation, motivation, and perseverance through a series of five tasks as part of a “competition style” scholarship application process, and the financial resources to fund half of the cost of training. That is not paid to Build-A-Pilot, but to the flight school giving the training. Build-A-Pilot also supplies funds (50% of costs, up to the 50 hour mark) to the flight school as lessons are taken.

After being awarded the scholarship, each Build-A-Pilot recipient is guided and mentored by Build-A-Pilot volunteers the entire way while becoming a certificated pilot.

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Applicant Requirements

Be between the ages of 15-1/2 and 18 at the start of flight lessons

Possess a burning desire to learn how to fly

• Reside in the Lower Hudson Valley area of New York

• Possess a financial need, but have the ability to fund 50% of flight training costs to Private Pilot

Be a United States Citizen



Flight Training Milestone Requirements

Make a financial commitment to pay at least 1/2 the cost of obtaining a Private Pilot’s License.

• Maintain minimum 3.0 GPA in school.

• Become Student Member of EAA and EAA Chapter 1611 (Student Membership to both is free).

• Obtain FAA 3rd Class Medical Certificate within 30 days of the start of flight lessons.

• Fly at least six (6) hours of flight lessons per month.

•  Pass the private pilot knowledge test within nine (9) months after start of flying lessons.

• Be signed off for the FAA Check ride 18 months after start of flying lessons.


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