Founding Directors, Officers & Donors

Founding Directors, Officers, and Donors


We will be forever thankful for our founding Directors and Officers – Build-A-Pilot was their brainchild, and to the founding donors who enabled the vision and mission of this organization to come to fruition.

In order to continue their mission and vision, we are looking for new donors and sponsors to help fuel our mission of building the region’s next generation of pilots. Please consider supporting our mission by either a cash donation or in-kind gifts. Your generous donation will aid budding aviators to achieve their goals of flight.

Founding Directors

Larry Dysinger
Richard Marciniak
Howard Kave

Founding Officers

Larry Dysinger – President
Richard Frohmiller – Vice President
Richard Marciniak – Treasurer
Howard Kave – Secretary

Founding Donors

 Tom Decker
Larry Dysinger
Richard Frohmiller
 Fred Hartel
Fritz Kass
Howard Kave
Richard MarciniakBAP placeholder