Application Process

Application Process

The 2018 Scholarship application window is now open.


Do you have an enthusiastic desire to fly? Do you possess the motivation and perseverance to follow through on that desire if given the opportunity? Then begin the 5-step “competition style” scholarship application process outlined below.

Note that the applicant needs to have the financial resources to fund half of the cost of training. That is not paid to Build-A-Pilot, but to the flight school giving the training as the training progresses. Build-A-Pilot also supplies funds to the flight school as lessons are taken (50% of costs, up to the 50 hour mark).

After being awarded the scholarship, each Build-A-Pilot recipient is guided, mentored, and encouraged by Build-A-Pilot volunteers the entire way while becoming a certificated pilot.

Scholarship Application Steps

1) Download, complete, and submit the application form before the deadline noted on the form. Note also there is a portion of the form for the applicant’s parent or legal guardian to complete and sign.

Download the 2018 Build-A-Pilot Scholarship Program application form here.

2) If eligible, you will be contacted to schedule and take an EAA Young Eagles flight with a member of EAA Chapter 1611. This will be your first chance to make an impression on the selection committee with your enthusiasm!

3) Complete and submit a 50-question aviation knowledge test which will be sent to you after your Young Eagle flight. This is an “open book” style test, but completion and submission is due one week after test is sent.

4) After your Young Eagle flight, you will be given a deadline to write and submit a 500-word essay describing the reason for your interest in flying and your aspirations for your future involvement in aviation. Why are you “plane crazy”?

After the four steps above are complete, finalists will then be chosen from among the applicants by the EAA Chapter 1611 Build-A-Pilot Scholarship Award Committee and Officers and Directors of Build-A-Pilot, Corp.

5) Each of the finalists will then participate in a personal, in-person interview, along with their parent or legal guardian, with the Build-A-Pilot, Corp. Directors and the EAA Chapter 1611 Build-A-Pilot Scholarship Award Committee.


Winner Selection

After the application submission deadline has passed and each applicant has completed the first 4 steps above, the EAA Chapter 1611 Build-A-Pilot Scholarship Award Committee and the Directors and Officers of Build-A-Pilot, Corp. will then select the finalists to take part in step 5: Personal in-person interviews.

After the interviews are complete the EAA Chapter 1611 Build-A-Pilot Scholarship Award Committee will make recommendations to the Directors and Officers of Build-A-Pilot, Corp., who will then make the final winner selection.

Does this count as “plane crazy”?