New Website

Welcome to our new website. Having just finished most of the details on it, we at Build-A-Pilot hope you enjoy reading through the site and learning more about our scholarship program.

Our intention for the blog is that it will act as a news source for our supporters of events and other announcements about Build-A-Pilot.

It is our goal to award one or more scholarships to deserving individuals per year. If we have the funds for more we will not hesitate to increase the awards per year to reflect that.

As stated on our mission page, our goal is to find, support, and mentor deserving young aspiring pilots to achieve their dreams of flight.

Do you believe in our cause? Do you have aviation related items to donate as in-kind gifts for our scholarship recipients? Would you like to support us with a cash donation? Do you know of a deserving youth with an interest and enthusiasm for aviation? Contact us! We want to hear from you!

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