Build-a-Pilot Takes Flight with 2018 Scholarship

Washingtonville, NY, Friday, February 16, 2018 — The Build-A-Pilot, Corp. is pleased to announce the 2018 aviation scholarship open to youth ages 15-20 in the Hudson Valley. Scholarship applications are due by May 31st, 2018, and are accessible online at

Build-A-Pilot’s scholarship, funded by corporations and individuals, is designed to help enable enthusiastic youth interested to becoming a pilot.

In response to the prohibitive costs of flight training and shortage of pilots, Build-A-Pilot Corp. has created a program that mentors, guides, and provides scholarship to enthusiastic youth who wish to become pilots.

Interested in giving accessibility to enthused students in the Hudson Valley who possess a financial need, Build-A-Pilot, Corp. provides a 50% scholarship to successful candidates who prove a strong interest in aviation.

After a hiatus of nearly 9 years, the volunteers and supporters behind Build-A-Pilot, Corp. are revitalizing the organization to not only provide scholarship to deserving youth, but to instill a love of aviation in them. Volunteers provide mentorship and guidance to recipients and take a vested interest in the success of each scholarship awardee.

Find out more about the scholarship and how to support Build-A-Pilot, Corp. at


About Build-A-Pilot, Corp.

Build-A-Pilot, Corp., founded in 2008, seeks to foster scholastic achievement, intellectual advancement, and to create new young pilots through a comprehensive program consisting of an aviation scholarship fund and mentorship system to benefit aspiring young aviators with a financial need. Build-A-Pilot, Corp. is a 501c3 charitable organization based in the lower Hudson Valley.



Contagious Enthusiasm for the Spirit of Aviation

What exactly are we at Build-A-Pilot looking for in potential scholarship recipients? Is there any interest in aviation? Where are the young people? Do young individuals still get enthusiastic about airplanes? As part of the aviation community, we face many questions like this. Most of the volunteers involved with Build-A-Pilot were those young, enthusiastic kids once. So we find it hard to believe they just don’t exist anymore. Those kids are there, we know it!

A short video featuring Kyle Fosso of Adventure Above was recently released. Kyle is a young man with dreams that are sky high. He plans on flying to all 50 states in his personally rebuilt Cessna 170 in 2018. He personifies what Build-A-Pilot is looking for. His “sticktoitivness” and passion for aviation is contagious. His enthusiasm and commitment to aviation is what we have experienced in our own aviation stories. Our hope is to enable more youth like him to pursue those dreams.

Take a few minutes and watch this video about Kyle. It’s truly an inspiration to us at Build-A-Pilot to see what true passion and commitment to aviation can bring.

New Website

Welcome to our new website. Having just finished most of the details on it, we at Build-A-Pilot hope you enjoy reading through the site and learning more about our scholarship program.

Our intention for the blog is that it will act as a news source for our supporters of events and other announcements about Build-A-Pilot.

It is our goal to award one or more scholarships to deserving individuals per year. If we have the funds for more we will not hesitate to increase the awards per year to reflect that.

As stated on our mission page, our goal is to find, support, and mentor deserving young aspiring pilots to achieve their dreams of flight.

Do you believe in our cause? Do you have aviation related items to donate as in-kind gifts for our scholarship recipients? Would you like to support us with a cash donation? Do you know of a deserving youth with an interest and enthusiasm for aviation? Contact us! We want to hear from you!